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Mad.Good was created to reflect our passion and our personalities. Our passion is food and hospitality.  

we believe that wholesome, healthy food is an important consideration when creating our Mad.Good menu, however, above it needs to taste Good. Supporting local Adelaide businesses and people where we can, is something we will pride our business on.

Mad.Good offers a relaxed family friendly Cafe, pre ordered personalised lunch boxes and catering for business and personal.


Get to know us a little better.

What an amazing experience!! Food was awesome, service was 5 star and the atmosphere was very warm, welcoming and homely.
Will certainly recommend to friends and family, this place is a must whilst it's still here.


Few comments from our 28ST. Restaurant

Our favourite dining experience in ages, well done was excellent



Thanks for an amazing lunch today - great service, really friendly staff and outstanding food - Adelaide you are so lucky to have this great place to eat so glad we got to go before returning to London !

Our team is made up of myself (Reine) and Asa. We are two of five siblings. All five of us have a very strong bond together and we are the lucky sort of family that we are all pretty much each others best friends. We all also share a passion for hospitality and in particular for the boys, food. Our eldest brother David ( AKA Daff man ) started his apprenticeship in the Riverland at the Berri Resort Hotel and both my brothers followed suit. If it wasn't for Daff not sure where Asa and Anthony would have ended up, they are not the sharpest tools in the shed!

Luckily for them they all have a real skill for cooking amazing food. whether that be at home with the family or in a commercial setting their food and creativity never disappoints.

They have all gradually taken different paths as chefs but every couple of years we all migrate back to each other and somehow alway end up working in the same place. 

In 2015 we entered a reality TV show Restaurant Revolution. Our pop up restaurant based in Victoria square was called 28ST. We worked hard, really put our whole selves into the experience and won the cooking show! But this just affirmed that we want to have our own place and offer up our passion to the Adelaide people. 

David moved back to the Riverland where we grew up and will soon be starting his own venture in a restaurant in Renmark. Anthony is the head chef at the Arkaba Hotel and Athena is also back in Renmark as a manager of a Telstra store. So Asa and I decided to go at it alone.... inevitably they will join us...... they always do ! haha 

Asa's food passion lies in creation. His most recent accolade is working as executive sous chef at Electra House on king William road, here his team won best new restaurant in SA and 2nd best in Australia. But on the flip side he has also produced meals for 1000's a day at North Restaurant, Sky City Casino.


Asa has a unique ability to be able to adapt to all types of cooking styles. He can appreciate how to beautifully create and present a dish, while still ensuring the kitchen runs efficiently and quickly.


Drawing from his extensive knowledge of flavours and textures he has created a menu at Mad.Good that not only incorporates unique dishes to excite, but also recreated tried and trusted recipes to be as full of flavour as food is they were originally intended.

I ( Reine ) also have followed suit in the hospitality industry, from running a busy Bar, to cooking ( as much as my brother hate to acknowledge ) in Dorset in the U.K. I thrive off of being busy and being in control. But most of all and anyone can attest to this, I just love my family. I feel so blessed to have brothers and a sister who I would happily spend every day wit, if they would let me haha! 

I have, along the way taken a detour from hospitality and tried my hand in an office environment at AGL gas and electricity company. I must say I have learnt so much about a different type of customer service and a new found appreciation for how hard it is to find good food on a short lunch break, hence why we have incorporated our lunch boxes into our cafe concept.


But I must say I have also been VERY busy making a little family of my own the last few years.Gabriel is 3.5yrs Charlie is 2.5 yrs and Blair who is 9 months..... yes we now have brought a TV! 


 I am lucky to have a very supportive husband who has let me take the next step and open up a place of our own. Working for people and making their place thrive is great but doing for yourself is just next level and something we have talked about doing for a long time.